Who is the Brilex Group of Companies?

The Brilex Group of Companies was formed over the course of the past 15 years; however, in 2010, the group was “officially” formed when Brilex Industries developed joint ventures and partnerships with several other companies. Since the formation of The Brilex Group of Companies, there have been two joint venture inceptions and one purchase.
Our group consists of seven member companies:
  • Brilex Industries, Inc.
  • Quality Machine, LLC.
  • eXcent USA
  • Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc.
  • BBM Railway Equipment, LLC
Each of the above companies service original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users in the heavy industry worldwide, and each specialize in different industries.
Requests from virtually any industry can be accommodated through one of The Brilex Group members’ specialties.
Our list of specialties include:
  • fabrication, machining, complete assembly, rebuilding
  • fabrication of steel components for the heavy civil construction industry
  • coil joining, resistance welding, induction heating, automated assembly and arc welding systems
  • innovative design and build of industrial equipment
  • machined parts and "mic and make," or reverse engineering
  • engineering and manufacturing of rolling stock assembly, maintenance and testing equipment
  • mechanical engineering, aeronautics, energy, defense and rail industries